Greenspeed Microfibre Cloth

Greenspeed Microfibre Glass Cloth

GBP £2.13 +VAT

GBP £2.54 + VAT

The Greenspeed® Original microfibre cloth is the ideal partner for daily cleaning of practically every surface. The microfibre technology of Greenspeed® guarantees quality and provides this durable cloth with its unique cleaning and absorbing capacities.

Used dry, the Original is an ideal dust cloth. Slightly damp, it removes dust and dirt without any problem, leaving no wipe marks. An original microfibre cloth, charged with only water, removes dirt even faster and more effectively than a traditional cloth charged with a detergent.

Due to the sound finish of the edges of the Greenspeed® Original it is a non-shrinkable microfibre cloth that, even after many launderings, keeps its original dimensions.
The Greenspeed microfibre glass cleaning cloth has been specially developed to clean glass and mirrors. It effortlessly removes marks and dirt, including fingerprints, grease and nicotine. The structure of the cloth ensures that the very small quantity of water left on the surface is very finely distributed. The result is a clean and streak-free surface.

Leaves no smears using just water

Lint free – doesn’t shed fibres

40 x 40cm

Wash up to 500 times

Clean all windows, mirrors and shiny surfaces

Greenspeed original microfibre cloth

Extremely high quality cloth

Washable up to 500 times

40 x 40cm

Available in Red, Blue, Yellow & green

Spinkler Microfibre Mop
Spinkler mop has an aluminium  mop handle with intergrated water reservior, a touch of the button at the top of the mop handle dispenses just the right amount of water on the floor area to be cleaned.
The water reservoir is an in-built feature of the lightweight aluminium handle; it holds 450 cl of water – enough to clean an incredible one hundred square metres of floor area. Sprinkler mop is extremely efficient when it comes to removing dirt and the areas it cleans dry surprisingly quickly.

GBP £45.00 +VAT

500ml liquid capacity inside handle

Simply unscrew handle top to refill

Push handle top to release cleaning fluid

Sprays 3 jets of detergent each press

Fill from a tap or sprenkler filler bottle

Leaves floor much dryer than normal mopping
The Sprinkler can be used on larger areas, such as entrance halls and corridors. It is also ideal for the difficult-to-clean areas such as stairwells, washrooms and toilets.
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