Hard Floors

Catering Safe 5 Ltr
Instructions for use:
carpet ceaning solution
  • Mop,spray, scrub or pressure wash as necessary
  • For heavy duty degreasing dilute 100ml to 1 litre of hot water
  • For pressure washing and for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces use 30ml per litre of hot or cold water
  • For regular mopping of lightly soiled areas and as a sanitising rinse  dilute 5ml per litre of water
Specification Sheet
Catering Safe Floor Cleaner and Sanitiseris a specially formulated concentrate for safe and effective cleaning and sanitising of food industry floors. Specially created for the food industry it both cleans and disinfects. Usage areas include; Commercial kitchens and food processing areas, food transport vehicles, food manuafctureers and food packers. This product can also be used to kill germs in other environments such as vetinary practices and annimal care centres

Safety Data Sheet
Price: £11.75 +vat​