Spot and Stain Removers

Spot and Stain Remover 5 Ltr
Instructions for use:
carpet ceaning solution
  • Remove and absorb any excess spillages or contamination.
  • Use neat shaking container before use
  • Using a sprayer or cloth apply solution making stain damp
  • With a white cloth work from the outside of stain inwards
  • Repeat if needed but do not saturate beyond base of carpet pile.
  • Can be extracted with carpet cleaning machine
Specification Sheet
General purpose stain remover for carpest and upholstery, safe and effective to use on a wide range of oil and water based stains. Can be used on such stains as grease, shoe polish, oil, animal fats, foodstuff and geberal spillages.

Safety Data Sheet
Price: £15.75+vat​