Carpet and Upholstery Chemicals

Kill Odour Deodoriser 5 Ltr
Instructions for use:
carpet ceaning solution
  • Dilute 10ml per litre of water or use neat according to spillage
  • Can be applied using injection extraction machine, mopping or sprayer.
  • Kill Odour must come into full contact with the source of the odour to eat away the bad smell
  • Extreme cases may require more than 1 treatment
Specification Sheet
Kill Odour is a powerful  deodoriser with a pear drop fragrance. Not a masking agent it actually eats away the bad smells. Removes odours caused by pets, urine, faeces, vomit, smoke and foodstuffs etc. Safe on carpets, fabrics and soft furnishings that can be wet cleaned.

Safety Data Sheet
Price: £11.25 +vat​