​​i-scrub 30EM
Sebo upright vacuum
  • 650w Motor
  • Oscillating 175rpm
  • Weight 13kg
  • Height 1100mm
  • Diameter 330/300mm
  • Cable length 10m
  • Detachable cable
Accessories included:
  • Pad holder
  • Tank with Pump 
  • Microfibre pad
  • White pad​

Additional Accessories :
Meet the i-scrub 30EM : Single disc scrubbing has never looked so good. With a detachable power cord (Australia soft copper inside), and a on/off switch light that tells you if there is an issue, the i-scrub 30EM is a nifty machine with a lot of power.
With the water tank on top, you can mix your chemicals to perfection. And with the push of a button, you can dose your cleaning area. Now how’s that for simple?
For the heavier duty cleaning, we’ve created a rubber bumper to avoid damages to furniture and walls. No more splash operation due to oscillating movement, and no side forces at all. Oscillating technology with 175 RPM rotational speed. Brush or pad hits the assigned spot 175 times a minute, which orchestrates an extreme fast & deep cleaning of the surface.
​The closed off cover design is to protect the engine from exposure to water. It also adds an extra protective layer to the i-scrub 30EM.
Easy to use even without training and suitable for cleaning stairs and such.
  • Carpet shampoo brush 12"
  • Scrub brush red 12" 
  • Scrub brush grey 12"
  • Scrub brush Dk blue 12"​           coloured pads also available please ask for details

Price: £451.16+vat​
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